Friday, 6 August 2010

Boo boys for the new boys

The new boys in the Championship, Norwich lost at home in the first game of the 2010 / 2011 season and from the sound of the radio were booed off the pitch.  No pleasing some carrot crunchers,this time last season they were a league below and conceding 7 goals.  And yet they finished, by a mile top of the Division.

Tomorrow its our turn to enter the fray,or let Parkie release his dogs of war.  As stated here and on many other blogs Parkies recruitment appears to be pretty good based on his budget,  However before we get too excited, lets not forget the talent that has left, whoever they were, nor that players are not available for free for charitable reasons.  Doherty, McCullogh Abbot and Jackson were players that held down first team places in their previous teams, but others have come to us without track record - Fry, looking to resurrect their careers - Reid, Akpoe, Martin.  Every player is a gamble, people forget the utter rubbish that Fergusson brought to Old Trafford, I can't even remember most of them Djemba Djemba, plus others and don't get me on the subject of £120 million and Rafa Benitez.

With the exception of Matt Spring, no player has had a bad word about Parkie and I believe he has the ability to restore these players to their potential.  However,it may not happen tomorrow, I think we will win, but it could go wrong and if it does then I hope our boo boys, you know the ones that boo our players before they have even kicked a ball,give the players a chance and leave it for a game or two, lets get behind the team,behind the manager and to paraphrase David Steel, lets go to the Valley and prepare for promotion!!

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Wyn Grant said...

Norwich fans were actually booing the referee