Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Don't Panic, Don't Panic

Already the knives are being sharpened for Phil Parkinson, especially on 606, although to be fair Charlton Life seem to be viewing last night as juts another night in the life of supporting Charlton Athletic.

Yes we should be able to hold onto a 3-0 lead against lower level opposition and the result will have hit some of the younger players confidence, but lets look at the positive:-

1. we have players who will be relatively fresh coming back on Fridays meet with Matt Spring.
2. In two games our strikers have scored four goals, shared out amongst three of them, when did that last happen?
3. Our current three key strikers are up and running.
4. We went out at the same stage last season, it did not harm our performance across the season.
5. In fact, when we went out last season we were at the beginning of a seven game winning streak.

The success of this season is not going to be judged on the cups or single games, it will be judged on the league campaign and I have high hopes for a lesser talented but better balanced team doing ok.


Miss Kish said...

Love the optimism Kap.

Dave said...

On balance I agree with your sentiments here but the manor of the defeat is what has heightened disappointment and the embarrassment factor. Has parky ever won a cup tie?