Thursday, 12 August 2010

Becks - ceremonial friendly goodbye?

Well done David Beckham for stating he would not play in a special friendly to mark the passing of his career.

Beckham splits fans between a vital quality player or a fancy dan, a holder of 115 caps or a player whose 115 caps do not represent quality time spent on the pitch.

My own view has been that he was a vital part of the England set up who has been unfairly vilified, but who has also received more praise than he has warranted.

If last night Capello was really calling time on Beckhams career, and don't forget he has done that before at Real Madrid and had to eat his words, then it was done in a very clumsy way.  You have to wonder if it was deliberate or just a response to a question that went wrong.

Whatever it was, the result of the answerr was to deflect from the match yesterday and maybe, just maybe Capello would prefer talk of Beckham rather than his teams performances on the pitch.

However good a player is,the sands of time run through, the discarding of a star can be brutal ask Kevin  Keegan and Ray Clemence can testify and Beckham may argue the same,but let no one forget that these international players are in a better place than their lower league colleagues and lets not forget the sad passing this week from cancer of 31 year old Exeter forward Adam Stansfield.

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Texas Addick said...

What ever one's feelings towards David Beckham, and I personally liked him,it was a disgraceful way of letting the player know he was finished as regards International football for his country.
If, and I say if, it was just a wrong choice of words by the Italian, then he should of been corrected shortly after.
I never have had much love for the F.A., but this was even lower then their normal standards,by not at least letting Beckham know privately before a public statement.