Sunday, 1 November 2009

Time for a change at The Valley

It is now obvious that this seasons early form of un remitting victories was no more than a fluke, Parkinson was fortunate to be in the position of manager during these lucky times and as a result picked up a new contract which no doubt has a number of penalty clauses in it as per Rafa of the scousers.

carlisle has shown that we will soon be in the lower reaches of the 1st Division, prey to all and sundry in this division.

Get him out now, there are plemnty of candidates who will be able to tase over his mantle. His mantle to include a blind fold, to stop them from being able to plan for the future, handcuffs to stop them from paying out money for players, a weight around his kneck emblazoned with the word expectations.


Marco. said...

Heavy evening on the ale KK?
I agree it's not been very good lately but we ARE still in 2nd spot!
I thought we'd end up mid table this year so with my glass half full, it's all a bit of a bonus.
There may be other people who could do an equal job to Parky but we can't afford them, (and they wouldn't want to come anyway).
I'm not getting despondent yet- it's a long season & we'll lose many more games I'm sure.
Keep smiling!!

Kappacino Kid said...

I'm obviously not good at writing irony, thats what the last para was meant to be!!!