Saturday, 7 November 2009

Time for a change at the Valley --- Noooo!

My last posting was meant to be a sarcastic support of Parkie but I am obviously not good at putting sarcasm to cyber so I’ll play with a straight bat this time.
Last season, after Pardoo left Parlie was dealt an awful hand, a demoralised club, from top to bottom, confusion over the long term ownership, best players un fit or not bothered, fans support ebbing away and bitng at the players confidence and the burden of being tarred with the same brush as the former manager. So he did not have an easy job and ultimately he failed. The positives were that we started to look like a team again and with the defeat of Norwich we at least ended the season with a bang. That said, most fans were in agreement that he should go at the end of the season and apparently some of the board, some of us felt we just needed a new broom others held Parkie as responsible as the previous manager for our demise.
The summer was one of poor communication and confusion surrounding the club and no guarantees were given to Parkie over his position. The fans readied themselves to welcome Ince, but he came and went. During this time, Parkie held a dignified silence.
Parkies permanent appointment as manager was never officially announced, as far as I can remember, but the 2009/ 10 official handbook states this took place in December 2008.
This season started off as a revelation, with only free transfers being brought in we occupied top spot, a record unbeaten run and entertaining football. 7 out of 7 and the Manager of the Month award.
Now the last few games have been less glorious and our latest record is something like P 11 W 2 L2. The fans are getting restless, some have said that Parkie is doing a poor job and when it was mooted that Reading maybe in the market for a new manager then there were a few saying good riddance.
The concerns of the fans have been exacerbated by other teams getting their act together with new management or player investment Leeds, Colchester, Huddersfield, Norwich and even Southampton. But that is the point isn’t it, those teams have invested in their teams, where has our investment been free transfers – Sodje, Richardson,McCenzie and Dailly, each of whom with the exception of McCenzie have worked out. To make us a strong automatic contending team we need depth and the lack of investment has left us with a relatively threadbare squad. Parkie can only work with what he has got.
It seems that Parkie can do no right now with the players, the benefit of the doubt is given to players every time there is an issue, Dickson being the most prominent of these disputes, but now everybody supports Mootakill, who has hardly covered himself in glory with his comments in Scotland, let alone his alleged antics back at the Valley, where the irony of playing for Motherwell would not have been lost on the players, the failure to play Randolph at Carlisle, another instance.
No one it appears to be able to look at the Randolph situation with anything but contempt for Parkie but lets look at it from his point of view. He has the opportunity to bring in a keeper who is either on par or better than Randolph, should he look for a weaker option so as not to upset Randolph? He then starts with the new loanee, good management or a disaster. If Randolph had played against Carlisle he could have got injured and we would be left without a keeper for the cup. What about that statement – demotivating a player by telling him what he has to do to be a regular? Ikepe is out on Sunday, in a high profile game, Randolph can do enough to get first slot for the JPT game, if he performs in that then he has the shirt for MK Dons,I don’t see too much of a problem in Parkies management there.
If we have the takeover pre 31st January transfer deadline day and Parkie can bring in some good players to add quality and depth to the squad then failure to be promoted would be inexcusable, but with the current finances failure to stay in the top six will be disappointing but not unexpected, given the investment elsewhere in the league. For others to say failure of Parkie to get promotion should result in his job,is wideof the mark, the first people culpable are the board.
During the early heady days someone wrote is Parkie a legend, the answer then was no, but I would repeat that negative if asked if he is a failure. Given the investment either here or elsewhere Parkie is a good manager in the making – lets hope we can all recognise that.


Anonymous said...

Well said KC. I knew what you meant in the first article too!

I've missed the Moo2 stuff - what did he say and do?

Pembury Addick

Kappacino Kid said...

Pembury, I suspect that I need to be carefulso I would refer you to posting 43 on the atteched thread

Anonymous said...

totally agree