Thursday, 25 June 2009

True Supporters

What worries me about the comments on the previous post is that they come from a section of fans who, not long ago, would have thought Murray walked on water, but the longer this farce continues the more loyal fans are becoming disillusioned. This is not the fly by nights who only followed Charlton so they could watch the top Prem clubs, or the glory boys who have only been with Charlton since '97, its not the promiscuous supporters like Kelvin Mcenzie, this is, true supporters, supporters who were there when we last were in the third tier, who enjoyed the glory years but knew they would end. Charltons board cannot afford to lose their support. Players come and go, Managers come and go, Boards come and go, but most fans stay through thick and thin and it takes a lot to turn a Charlton fan against this board, but it is happening not through performances on the pitch, or even through the bad decisions which have been made ... no .. its the disrespect that this silence shows to the fans. We don't need to know what is going on, we don't need to know names but we should be told why there is such silence, because rumours grow and anticipation grows at the end of this something great may be declared, but if it isn't if its just a refinancing to enable us to limp on to the next step then we have a problem then expectations will not have been met and then the fans will leave in droves and the only premier league we will ever be thinking of will be the Blue Square Premier League.


Anonymous said...

Is the volume of news this summer any different to last close season, or the season before? Has the rumoured take-over/re-financing been a figment dreamt up by bloggers/supporters to keep flames alight and summer hits active? We need to manage expectation...yours, mine, and everyone else's. Keep the faith. Up the Addicks!


Kappacino Kid said...

summer appears to be lower than it has been previous years, whilst at the same time the amount of rumour and speculation is greater. The problem is that half truths, speculation and mischievous intrusions can make their way to becoming gospel truth and it is these truths, without any denial that are turning long term loyal fans against the board. Minty's reputation is at an all time low and that is not how it should be.