Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Please Mr Murray ...

The deathly hush continues, rumours abound. yesterday was suppossed to be the big day, but its not Minty's fault if an internet rumour becomes alleged fact only to dissapoint when nothing happens. The same source alleged that something would happen today, but it hasn't .... yet, oh and the same source tells us its not a takeover but a significant investment to give us stability.

Its still rumours and mirrors. But tomorrow is a big day, the squad return to training, no ones who has left we wanted, no one has come in. We know Parky is still in charge, but only because he is being quoted in the SLP, maybe no one has told him that he has gone.

On the playing front rumours are that Shelvey is dimissing rumours of a Spurs move, as he holds out for a West Ham or Liverpool move (personally I would prefer him to go to Liverpool,be farmed out to a 3rd tier club for a season,before replacing Stevie G), Hudson could be on his way to Cardiff as they sell on their defender to Birmingham. Palace can't afford Grey, so he's staying for a while,maybe Burnley or Stoke will come in for him. Of course, we could end up contributing to his wages at Palace) Fortune, Randolph and Holland are still in discussions over contracts and ZZ has not yet left.

The board used to be so close to the squad, after the 1st Prem relegation a group of us from the Rose of Denmark met Martin Simmons and Bob Whitehand for a post match drink. This closeness has gone, runours abound and lack of comment is undermining the fondness we have for Murray and his team.

The worst is the silence on Kinsella and Parkinson. The rumours are that Kinsella, a legend, is gone .. if true then tell us, explain why, was he incompetent, is it financial.. if he is gone then let us know,if he is here why let the rumours abound. For some Parkinson is the anti christ, the reason for our demise, but we can only assume the man who was given 8 games to prove his worthyness to move from Coach to Manager and succeeded with probably the worst record possible, appointeed till end of season he oversaw the death throes of our season and saw us relegated, but still he is there or is he .... is he holding the seat for the Guv'nor? Why be silent about Parkinson, if he is here to stay, then the non believers should at least know and we can, however reluctantly, get behind the manager. Parkei has been let down, hung out to dry, neither sacked nor supported.

Questions, questions we are filled with questions. Please Mr Murray we need some answers


Blackheath Addicted said...

My sentiments exactly. This has gone on well beyond what can reasonably be expected and each passing day with no clarification - but plenty of 'encouraging news' on season ticket seat swaps etc - works against any thoughts of getting 'up' for the season ahead.

Kings Hill Addick said...

I think those running the club are worried that the fans will not like the truth and are hoping that the season ticket sales will increase with the 'potential' changes that may or may not be coming.

There are a number of fans that haven't renewed yet and are planning to do so if certain expectations are met. As the start of the season draws nearer they will have to make a decision even if the club fails to meet any of their hopes.

I suspect that the meeting on the 9th July will either confirm that there is nothing happening, or it will be used to continue the rumours by deliberately refusing to discuss certain matters. "Make of it what you will, but we cannot discuss any potential take over".

Anonymous said...

I have not renewed my season ticket.

I am Charlton through and through, have gone to most home games for the past 25 years and had a season ticket the last 10.

However I do not like to be taken for a mug and in the current state beleive that is what the board is doing to the fans. Enough is enough.

Stand up, make an announcement, anything not just this constant silence, briefly broken by minor comments about not a lot.

Fortunately I have a ticket to the Charlton Q&A with Murray in July and even if things have changed before then there are some key questions that need to be answered.

Until recently I believed the board could do no wrong, now I am beginning to wonder if they can do right. SORT IT OUT CHARLTON.

Anonymous said...

It's a risky strategy by the board if that's true. If the season goes well right from the off no problem I guess, if it's a bad start the fans will be extremely restless and a poor season overall I think the following season will see ticket sales fall away like nothing ever seen. I have renewed for the season but if the latter scenario is true I would probably be one dropping the follwing season.

Terry Thomas said...

I've had a season ticket for over 40 years but have not renewed. I can think of 10 reasons NOT to part with £425, but blind stupid loyalty is the only reason FOR parting with £425. Until our board and related staff start behaving like professional businessmen and convince me that it would be a good thing to renew, I will not be doing so.