Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Martin Jol

I was feeling sorry for Martin Jol, when Santini left, Jol followed a succession of poor managers at Spurs, in fact probably back to David "the kerb crawler" Pleat, but Jol had pulled them up by their boot strings and created a pretty decent team, only denied a Champions League place a couple of seasons ago by a severe case of the trots. So what's he done wrong?

Well the Spurs board can't admit to it, but the problem is two words Danny Murphy. Stolen away from Charlton, at the last minute on transfer deadline day in 2005 Danny has made a total of 28 appearances for Spurs and it is not because he has suffered some career threatening injury. His over inflated ego does not match his footballing talent. Something which the Spurs board have worked out. Full retribution is now coming down on the shoulder of the grinning dutchman and the Spurs board are singing, as we did to the Liverpool fans "You can stick your Danny Murphy up your a**e."


Anonymous said...

Danny Murphy is a muppet, but I just thought I'd point out that the whole second paragraph of your rambling, nonsensical rant makes no sense. At one point you even call him Darren- is it that you were so fuming with anger that you confused him with our beloved Benty? Anyway, not sure what this entire post is getting at, but like i said, yes- Danny "Darren" Murphy is most definitely a t*t.

Kappacino Kid said...

Cleaned up a bit, but I thought rants were supposed to be rambling and nonsensical.