Friday, 24 August 2007

Attendance Poll Results and a view on Wednesday

Tomorrow should be one of the larger crowds for the season at The Valley. Wednesday are alleged to be able to fill their allocation, so there will be 3,000 of them, plus a few trespassers, our 17,000 ST's and maybe a couple of thousand occasionals, giving 22,000. On the recent un scientific and statistically dodgy poll on this blog, almost 50% of fans predicted average attendance this season of 20,000 t0 23,000, which looks on the whole to be about right, although i would suggest that it will be at the lower end, once we have had a few of the mid week matches with the likes of Plymouth and Hull trying to haul their to the Valley.

My view on the team for tomorrow is I have not got a clue, Reid will be there, M.Bent, Bhougherra and probably ZZ, but no one has really hit the ground running so most places will be up for grabs.

Wednesday were the first home game we played in the old (traditional) 1st division in the mid 80's, my brother in law was mascot that day, as the club recruited a mascot to represent every club in the division. Whilst I have not always had an opinion about Wednesday, I have warmed to disliking them since the 80's and our top flight tenure, it began when they took all our players Gordon Watson, Paul Williams, Steve McKenzie and further developed when their Chairman talking about a possible breakaway of the top clubs, quoted on "On The Ball" something like "We would have to go with the big clubs, otherwise we would be left to play the likes of Charlton." Now I understood his sentiment, but why specifically point the finger at us, a club without a ground and doing its level best. Then they had Trevor Francis as manager and that's just rank, never could stand the guy and the nail in their coffin was when their fans cheered at our relegation on the last day of our first season in the Premiership. Oh how I have laughed at their demise since and to cap it all they now have Francis Jeffers, it could not happen to a nicer Club. I am going for 3-1 tomorrow, so here is hoping.

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