Wednesday, 15 August 2007


If the rumours of Jerome Thomas's departure are true then, Pardew must be incredibly disappointed with the last two week. The stalwart of his defence, Diawarra and one of his leading midfield players have both jumped ship - assuming Thomas's transfer does go through. Thomas's return from injury is something after Saturdays draw and yesterday's win that was seen as necessary to give us the width that we are sorely lacking.

Saturdays signatures on th pitch of "Rocky" Racon and ZZ proved to be uplifting for the fans but today just proves to be a downer. You wonder if we have the players at the club, although £2 million from Diawarra and an alleged £3.5 million from Thomas, does mean that we have two weeks to add some width and speed on the wings. Sam's done ok, so far, will Martin Christensen be of any use, there were rumours of him going out on loan. Scunthorpes manager still see's us as favourites for automatic promotion, but I suspect that is more testimony to his judgment than a reflection on reality.

I did wonder how we were going to fit in all these players, we seem to have a big squad, but as we let the key ones go, it appears there will be little problem as we seek a blend that will be a winning combination.

Finally, individually, I have liked the players who so far this season have represented us in defence, however they have not gelled as a unit and whilst its only two games gone there are big question marks from the terraces over McCarthy and Bougherra and I can't say I felt too comfortable with Thatcher in either the game against Scunthorpe or Braga.

I wonder how comfortable with his squad Pards is now?

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