Friday, 17 August 2007

Dismal start by journo's

After two games, one League match and a Carling Cup match the bookies section of Times On Line are already talking about our slow start to the season.

Placing Charlton as favourites to win the Championship was never realistic and reflected the lazy journalism that abounds in the media world. Pardew has been clear that it will be a difficult league and that the team need to settle, the favourite tag has been given because we were the strongest of the three clubs to have been relegated. What the journos fail to highlight, is that we arre the only Club of the three that has been decimated by the drop, both Watford and Sheffield United had a Championship structure in the Prem. and have not had to undertake any massive axe wielding.

So to compound the lazy journalism of the pre season, we now have Andy Stephen, talking after one league game how we have made a slow start, its like judging a horse at the grand national as the starter gates open, or Lewis Hamilton as the amber light turns to green.

There are lots of good reasons why we should be satisfied with a point from Saturday and plenty of reasons to look forward to a good and possibly successful season after Saturday, but you really cannot judge the rest of the season on one result at the beginning of the season or if you can then Palace are up and that is not worth contemplating.

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