Saturday, 28 July 2007

We need a hero!

We need a hero, a Valley favourite who we can hang our hat on and who we can chant for through out the game. Rob Lee, Leaburn, Mendonca, Johnny Robinson, Stevie Brown - he won't let you down - have all held the mantle, but of the players left over from last season, or the newbies that have just joined, whose poster is going on the bedroom walls of 14 year old teenage girls or will be preferred to the wife of 50 year old men

Our longest serving players are Johnathan Fortune & Osei Sankofa. Now I don't want to be mean, but neither player is exactly inspirational to your average fan and you suddenly realise how devastated the team has become from the ravages of Curbishleys last two seasons and more from Dowie and Murrays folly.

Of course, this time next season we will have a player or collection of players who we admire and who have taken a place in our hearts for their endeavors on the field, be they scoring goals, putting in effort above the call of duty or just that we know they would die for the shirt. Until then we have a season of players building their reputations with us. At the moment, the front runner for the hero for next season, the inheritor of Clive and Richard R's mantle seems to be Luke Varney, he's young, he's blond, good looking and he has the reputation of a goal scorer, so until he gets back on the field and starts to miss a few sitters he looks like our hero, but it maybe at the back that the candidate waits Moo2 or Semedo, could Nicky Weaver totally redeem himself and become the man.... it would be ironic if he were to become next seasons player of the year, one hopes not, nothing to do with Nicky but for a keeper to become Player of The Season then he must have been busy.

The truth is when the teams come out of the tunnel against Scunthorpe, we will not recognise the majority of them and will take a few matches before we have decided who we have taken to our hearts and can do no wrong and who can do little good and take over the berth of Kevin Lisbie.

There are going to be a lot of new experiences this year, our heroes will just be one of them.

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