Sunday, 22 July 2007

I saw Rommedahl score at The Valley

Rommedahl seen here with fellow waster Francis "mines a pint" Jeffers, did score at the Valley contrary to recent reports and I saw it. A great run by Alexei Smertin bode well for the future, as he slipped the ball to Romm, who then scored a delicious goal, for all to savour. That was the good news, Romm scored at the Valley. The bad news was that it was against AEK Athens (European football came to the Valley), it was only a friendly and AEK went on to win 3-1. Smertin, Kishishev, Rommedahl and Murphy went on to command midfield for the next few Premiership matches before Curbs played around with the midfield fearing its success could never last and our season slowly died until were defeated on the last day of the season by Man U, in a tribute to Curbs's departure. By this time both Smertin and Murphy had upsticks, Smertin to Fulham, via Russia and Murphy to the stiffs of Tottenham where he continues to rot - how sad, what a pity, never mind. As a lasting memory of Smertin here is a picture of his misses with a family snap.

FOOTNOTE: There is a nice article on the Rommedahl good times by "All Quiet" and it made me realise in my heart of hearts I do wish Romm well, he was my type of player (a bit strange really - my type of player tends to be either the creative Romm type or the destroyer Ron Harris type) and I have only taken against him because, he never quite did what I knew and hoped he could. To be fair to him though, along with Matty, after every game he would applaud the fans, which is more than the Marcus's of the team ever did.

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Wyn Grant said...

It's a clever defence of Romm by Inspector Sands on All Quiet and we all wish he had realised his potential. But I think that the Prem simply didn't suit him.