Monday, 16 July 2007

Tevez goes down

I can't help it, I love Brazil and Brazilians. My first World cup that I really remember was 1970, the World cup of the beautiful game - Pele, Tostao, Rivelino, Jairzihnio et al. Ever since then I have been a fan of Brazilian Football (or are we now required to say Soccer), even when they play like thugs - 1974 - I watch them through Pele tinted glasses. Whereas Argentina, I can't stand. Even though I missed the Ratan incident in '66, I was on Cub camp in Folkestone, that had a major impact on me, then followed the "Hand Of Dog" and cheating with drugs, let alone the Malvinas. So whenever I see Argentina play even if they are playing the beautiful game as it should be played, I still can't stand them.

Last night in Venezuela the final of the Copa America was played out between beautiful game Argentina and organised "cynical" Brazil. Argentina had got to the final scoring something like 16 goals and conceding 3 in 5 matches. Brazil had struggle through the groups, losing their first game to eventual third placed Mexico. Argentina were red hot favourites to remove the crown of the America's (The USA had turned up, although one would question whether they actually competed) from the Brazilian holders.

Tevez was amongst the Argentinian stars and had shone through the tournament, ably covering for the loss of Crespo, who pulled a hamstring scoring from the penalty spot.

So the final was set up, how many would Brazil lose by. Brazil played a horrible game, giving away cynical free kicks and time wasting, but they stifled their more creative rivals and in the first half scored an early goal from Baptiste, late of Arsenal and an own goal in the 40th minute. Tevez was no where to be see, the Brazilians snuffed out the Argentine attack - Using the Thatcher strategy no doubt. Brazil scored a third in the second half.

Its sad that the creators of the beuaty in the beautiful game could not win through their heritage, but needs must and if it means playing mean to beat the Argies so be it ... roll on South Africa 2010.


Chicago Addick said...

Playing to your strengths indeed - it wasn't like watching Brazil though and actually thought it a shame they won. Tevez by the way was probably at the airport waiting for his Venezuelan Air flight to rainy Manchester.

By the way, the USA put a weakened team out, which was criticised and rightly got sent packing early. Their U20 team did much better though.

Kappacino Kid said...

Did not know about the US team, its a shame because if they had done well it would have been another chip in the road (mixed metaphors) to the acceptance of Soccer in the US. Noticed the good results of the U20's, maybe good things to come. Hope so, just watched Houston v Chicago Fire "highlights" I think Beckham is going to be in for a shock.