Monday, 16 July 2007


The Scunthorpe Telegraph has done a nice piece on Charlton, even referring to us as a club formerly challenging for a Champions League place, which I suppose is true, but not many of us really expected it. They point out that both clubs had failed in the close season to hang on to their star strikers Bent and Sharp, although we got a few shed loads more cash than they did.

I must be one of only a handful of Addicks who has ever been to Scunny, having lived in Beverley near Hull many years ago.

Of course Scunthorpe is famous for the little ditty that goes something like:-

"If Typhoo put the tea in Britain, who put the c*** in Scunthorpe". Its only in the last few years that Scunthorpe has managed to get through work internet filters.

To learn a bit more about our the town of our first opponents in the Championship click here. And if anyone is planning a night out for the away game. Or meeting the Scunny girls in the local Travel Lodge.

Scunthorpe United are 107 years old, promoted from division 3 last season, they could be regarded as one of the less glamorous clubs in England. based way oop north, they joined the Football League in 1950. Not the best supported club in the Football League, despite winning their divisional titles for the last two seasons they have averaged under 6,000 and their highest transfer fee paid out is £175,000 in 2000.

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