Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Pards new Formation

Every day Pards is being linked with player, what do they have in common .. they are all strikers. After a few seasons bemoaning the fact that football at the valley has been less than exciting . ok damn right boring, Dowie and Reid were briefed to brighten things up add some excitement said Reg "It was never this boring with Blakey on the buses ". Nobody can say that the two predecessors to Pards did not achieve their objective, although not necessarily the way Minty had meant.

Pards has been given the same brief, but more specifically Minty has said I want goals, goals and more goals. Already Pards has recruited Dickson, Iwelumo and Varney to add to M. Bent and now we are in the race for Freddy Eastwood and expecting to have Ben Sahar on loan. This will enable Pards to play his new preferred formation 4-1-5. Said Pards "Some fans have complained that I have not been active bringing in midfield player, but who needs them, this side will score goals and keep em out, just expect a bit of a long ball game missing out the midfield."

Pards is expected to start against Scunthorpe with the following team:-




Bent Son Of Reg Iwulemo

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Anonymous said...

Leave out Bent and bring in Dickson....