Friday, 6 July 2007

Its Dennis, but no menace

It was 17th January that Dennis Rommedahl announced to the world that if Charlton were relegated he would leave the club for FC Copenhagen. So there is a question:-

what the f*** is he still doing with us.

There is a saying it goes something like "Hell hath no fury like a supporter scorned", I am that supporter. I have been scorned.

I have never liked a player who as part of a team looking down the barrel of relegation declares their intention to quit, even if it is bleeding obvious. Its why I don't like Danny Mills. But if that player is one that you have supported despite everything, well then I feel betrayed, scorned and abused.

Curbs bought Dennis and most addicks thought that this was a great signing, the Danish Express was bound for The Valley and big things were expected. They did not materialize and some fans soon were pining for Dennis to return to the fjords (OK there are no fjords in Denmark, give me some artistic license). Others, a majority maybe, were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and he would come good. We would see occasional glimpses of the player we thought he was but never consistently enough. We blamed Curbs for trying to improve his defensive skills, but there was little real improvement when Dowie, Reed and finally Pardew took over. having said that, whilst mediocre for us, he never allowed that to affect his international performances, being instrumental in the Danish victory over England and scoring two goals for Denmark against Sweden recently.

You see with players like Marcus, we knew he was rubbish, we expected nothing from him and he did not disappoint, but Dennis, Dennis has talent, he has ability, we knew there was something for him to give, but we never saw it, it was always withheld and that withholding from us hurt and hurts when he says he won't stand by us what ever.

Still we thought he would come good, over and over again we thought he would come good and along with Darren, Marcus and ZZ would have the flair to get us out of trouble, but what we saw was a player pulling out of tackles, over shooting his crosses and he never scored at the Valley.

Dennis has all the attributes for the player that I want to see at The Valley, except the ability to deliver his skills on the field of play. To his credit, he always along with Matty Holland, applauded the crowd at the end of the game and he scored that goal and how we sang "Dennis in the last minute!" thinking that now he had arrived in Premier League football. Funnily enough that goal was as important as Johnathan Fortunes was a few months later. That extra point would have retained Palaces premiership status, so he will always have a place at Charlton, but it could have been so much more, instead of a brief affair we could have had a life long marriage.

Apparently Rennes is still after him, Galatasary and Copenhagen have also shown an interest, there has not been a rush from too many English clubs, although I am sure that Dulwich Hamlets would have taken him as a make weight in the deal for Dickens.

Dennis has played for us starting 64 times, 20 times off the bench and scored 6 goals - 2 more than Marcus.

Like all love affairs you know when they are over and I know that this one with Dennis is, the best thing is for all parties to realise it and for Dennis to leave and leave now to wherever his future beckons, not forgetting to leave a bit of a wad under the mattress.

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