Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Welcome to Championship coverage

After 8 years of blanket coverage it appears that the media have already condemned us to 2nd rate reporting. Having read all the blogs on the capture of "Not Reg's " son and Chris Iwelumo, I thought I'd go to the cultured press and failing that the Times to see what they had to say. Well it took me back to the 80's when living in Hull there was no internet and there was definitely no coverage. Not a sentence in my version of Murdochs rag absolutely zilch. Not only had the Times let me down, but throughout last season I was on Oranges Charlton alert and to get their pennies they would text any old rubbish, two days on and I have not heard a thing about our two signings - at least that saves me a few pennies.

We are going to have to get used to second rate coverage for the next twelve months, so bloggers you are going to have to keep at it.

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