Friday, 25 May 2007

Crack open the bubbly lets celebrate

Do you remember when the premiership journey, that has just been so rudely interrupted, began - 9 years ago today, in old smelly, toilet less, twin towered Wembley on the 25th of May, the Addickted ventured, many to support and rejoice in our Play Off appearance and a few with belief in their hearts that the Black Cats would be overcome. But the heroes of the day, who included Illic, Mills, Brown, Rufus, Youds, Heaney, Bright, Robinson, the Jones brothers Keith and Steve not to mention Super, super Clive Mendonca, won through in a match that is classed by many as the best ever at the old stadium. Charlton's never say die attitude won through, thanks to a scuffed penalty by Michael Gray. And so began the Premiership adventure punctuated by a single season in the new Championship, (old Div 1, old Div 2).

Those 9 years have spawned some excitement and some success but overall mediocrity and disappointment resulting in this years relegation. Now we have an opportunity to clear out the old bring in the new and with it the old Charlton spirit and lead a charge through the Championship into the Prem and forward onto European glory. The process has already started with the capture of Luke "Not Reg's son" Varney and Chris Iwelomu and the release (allegedly) of Kish, Super Kevin Lisbie and the Elk and Hermann "The Relegator" signing for Pompey.

Its going to be an exciting next 18 months, but just close your eyes and think back to where you where nine years ago at 17.30 on 25th of May, when it all began .............

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