Monday, 30 March 2015

Good Friday or same old same old?

 Left Foot Forward – Gary Nelson 1995

"Saturday 6th April

‘Whatever you do this season, make sure you beat Millwall.’ Whenever two teams are gathered in one space, there you will find a local derby and the inescapable fact of life that the workplace,
playground, pub or, or indeed, home becomes a miserable, all but no-go area when your lads are at the wrong end of that all important result.     In terms of this form of neighbourhood watch, Charlton fans have long had their problems. In close to sixty meetings, the reds have only beaten the blues nine times.

This is only Charlton’s second visit to the pompously, OTT- named New London Stadium.  On the first, I gave our makeshift, injury-hit team an early lead but the game ended sickenly for us with an injury time Millwall winner.  It gave me one further reason for disliking the Lions’ computer designed, state of the art and hence, characterless New Den.
……. But for me, its undeviating four-square symmetry lacks a human dimension”
The Toolbox with Lewisham recycling centre
standing proud in the background
All those years and nothing changes.

The record now stands :-

Millwall        Charlton        Draw
28                   10                 25

It is seven games since we last beat Millwall, forget the 19 years crap, you can only beat them if you play them and we did not for 13 years.  But no wins in seven is appalling, as is conceding 11 and only scoring 4.

So excuse me if I go in trepidation to the Toolbox on Friday, All the signs indicate that the gap between our two teams is greater than for many years in terms of player quality, managerial quality and morale but this is Charlton and however well the turnaround has been you know there is always a wet haddock round the corner waiting to slap you round the face, hopefully it won’t happen this Friday and if it doesn't then Friday really will be Good Friday and Luzon really will be a Sir.


Anonymous said...

Another 4-0 lions win on the cards! NOLIWDC

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anonymous, I don't agree but at least you did not resort to a series of four letter words as one of your knuckle dragging co fans wrote.

a2c said...

Yeah well with the team wot we've got now ourn ave got a good chance of winnin if the fans get behind the players, Guy n Katrien n don't act like ooligans n oolilfans dahn their gaff like wot they did last time wot with all them flares n frontin up. I ope the police take action against any oi pelloi types who aint there for the football.

Kings Hill Addick said...


Is there any chance that you could repost in English please?

Thanks ever so much!