Sunday, 22 March 2015

Charlton Fans are not revolting!!

Who would have thought on a cold, not cold, freezing night in February, at a Trust organised meeting of fans, we would go on a run of games resulting in only eight goals conceded,  but 20 scored in 9 games and only two defeats.

On that day the assembled supporters, young and old voted that a continued attempt to have a dialogue with the club was favoured (Not “one last attempt” as captioned in the recent VOTV).
Football is a results business and at that time the fan base were at the wrong end of a 3 month run without a win and an incredibly poorly handled managerial change.

But football is fickle and I wonder now how many there that night, see this Charlton side as one they cannot relate to?  Sure attendances are still poor, but is that just down to this regime or the tripe we have been served with over the years since relegation from the Prem?  It will take consistent  results and investment  before we see the fans hitting 17-19k consistently.

What has happened – Luzon, Watt and Johnson and the right decisions by the Owner / CEO and a charm offensive from our CEO, who has been unwilling to get involved in mud slinging.
For those that feel disenfranchised now, there is still much to worry about and those of us who are either pro this regime or could not give a toss about the off field politics and activities (the majority), would do well to heed there calls for caution.  Although to say that we are in a similar crisis to that of the move to Selhurst is ludicrous and mere rhetoric.

However, even those, like me, that do not want Charlton in the Prem*, realise that we either go up or down, a team without ambition is a team that will not attract players and will ultimately go backwards.  At the end of the season Johnson, Eagles, Diarra are out of contract, Bulot and Buyens go back to the Mother / Sister ship.

What happens next will display the ambitions that Duchatalet has for us.  There is not a single  player I would “die in a ditch” for, but for each player out of the above that we may lose I would want a replacement – same or better.

The good news is that we are trying to tie up JBG (My player of the year) on an extension (Contract not cord), a request has been made for a season long loan of a Premier League midfielder, although his parent club have said wait till after pre season, feelers have been put out for other players, what we don’t know is the quality of those players and despite some fans desire to know the “ins and outs” of everything that goes on in the club I am simply happy to know that the club are already planning for next season.

Those dark days of the Trust FACILITATED Woolwich meeting seem to be over for the moment, my only beef is the change of concession age to 65 – no coincidence that I have just hit 58.

However, the real test will come when we kick off the new season and arfe able to assess the squad we have then …. In the meantime there is a date on April 3rd – where Luzon can be the quickest managerial legend in Charlton history.  Zero to hero Mr Luzon, its in your hands.


a2c said...

The new board is risin above the boo boys n there bein defeated cos of all the ard work Guy is doin dahn our gaff n the good results ourn are gettin.

Anonymous said...

(trying hard to ignore the gibberish above) It is great to get good results. Maybe the squad strengthening of Diarra, and Eagles was partially due to the sizeable disatisfaction at the overall weak squad ? It shows that with a strong squad Charlton can be challenging the top 6.

Next season wlll the squad be strong enough for the season or be left flawed ? RD thought that the squad was strong enough for promotion. Lets hope that RD has better understanding. Time will tell and that will have an influence on season ticket renewals.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous a2c said...
The new board is risin above the boo boys n there bein defeated cos of all the ard work Guy is doin dahn our gaff n the good results ourn are gettin.

For those of us who speak English; The new Board are raising above the vocal malcontents because of the hard work Guy Luzon is putting into his role and the subsequent results. There, that wasn't too hard was it?

Dave said...

It's not football that is fickle. it's the fans. Time will tell if Duchatelet has changed his spots.

a2c said...

Why does Roland need to, e's changed manager n got in good players like Watt n Johnson n others like Bulot n Buyen are doin fine. The Leopard don't need to change anythin, juss carry on as e started ahrt ignore the boo boys n their ilk n thass wot e'll do n I've told im n Katrien to do n all.