Sunday, 20 July 2014

Reza gone?

Using the famed reliable source of information that is twitter it appears that Reza has gone and has joined a Middle Eastern team, partly so RD can cash in on his fame and partly due to the fact he is home sick.

Of course when you look at the source of the story which was a tweet from Bikey's account you could conclude something different.  The Bikey account could be a fake account as no one from Charlton official twitter accounts actually follows him and of course Bikey would hardly know Reza if at all.

According to wiki Reza is a Charlton player and usually faster than shit off a shovel* when players change clubs.

Oh and as Reza spent most of his years in The Netherlands, being homesick would take him closer to Amsterdam than Tehran.

We are non the wiser, Reza may turn up at Sparrows Lane or Mohammed Park ... We'll see.

I for one would like to see him return to the valley and repay the faith I have in him, but if he doesn't then at least he will be remembered as the only Charlton player to score in a World Cup finals.

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chip11 said...

Footie Courier....facts are what we need...and the first fact is Bob Peeters not Bob Peeterson