Sunday, 17 March 2013

To ST or not to ST

People dropping out of ST ownership is the final legacy of dropping out of the Prem.  Its taken a good few years but historically we have not held the levels of ST ownership we have even now.  There is a core who will always buy an ST, but the vast majority were casual attenders who got into a habit of buying during the Prem years.  Of course we have picked up new ST holders along the way but the numbers have not replaced the attrition rate.  For some the failure to renew  is a form of betrayal, for others it is just a return to the natural order of things for a second tier club that cannot fill its stadium in difficult economic times...


Wyn Grant said...

My concern is that once people give up their ST they don't turn up very often on a casual basis, I can think of one such person known to us.

Anonymous said...

Going to football is like many other habits , once you start to drop interest the habit is replaced by somethibng else.

I'm sick of the Charlton Board taking support for granted and investing nothing.
It's like the Gliksten days down there.

Daggs said...

I had intended to renew. But when the decision was made to offer ST's at a 'cheaper' rate now, going up in price later. It set me thinking.
The club want me to commit my scant resources now, even though they haven't told me how much the ST will increase.
We don't know what division we'll be in next season.
The football at The Valley has been among the worst i've witnessed in 45 years of support.
There has been no significant investment going into the playing staff from the board for this season. Hence our struggle.
I do understand the club is far from in a good financial condition. But failure to invest could send us back to league one. When investment could send us into the Premiership.
If we were to get there and even if we got relegated a year later, it would sort out the clubs financial position.
The 'TV' money for finishing bottom of the Prem. next season is circa 60 - 70 million!!!!!!
If we stay in the Championship.
If the board whoever they are, invest in the team. I may consider a ST next season. But not before.

Anonymous said...

I first went to the Valley 45 years ago too Daggs. The board have invested heavily, and as at the end of the last financial year our payroll was 104% of turnover. They have also spent heavily on expensive loan signings who on the whole have been poor. For example they spent over £500k on Kerkar and Cook whilst ignoring Herriott until recently. The squad is over 32. The simple truth is the squad and the teams picked simple were not good enough with too many played out of position or ignored.
More importantly the contracts of 17 of the squad expire at the end of the season, and we will lose them for nothing. This is millions of ponds of talent down the drain, whether they were good enough or not. Millions are also spent on the academy, yet they are never picked. Total mismanagement again.