Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wishing for Division 1

Ok that's a bit strong.  Having spent three seasons there, wishing we were not, i have finally found an almost compelling reason for being there.

This season has been difficult more downs than ups and if I am honest I thought that Blackpool would herald a string of newspaper headlines "Powell given ultimatum", "Powell has only x games to turn it around" etc.  Well that was never going to happen, we don't get headlines these days.

Last season and this season we sang "we've got our Charlton back" and with that we have the good and the bad and the bad is that we are back to being lil ol Charlton to be patted on the head by national media and eternally patronized.

The other reason it was never going to happen was that CP and the boys turned it around in the match I had them down for a 4-0 tonking and came away with a flukey well deserved 3 points and 2-0 victory, thanks to the whole team and particularly to the defenders, not for their defending but for their scoring.

So why do I eye the League One teams and supporters, jealously.  Well ........THEY ARE PLAYING FOOTBALL.

We have not been able to follow up or create momentum after Blackpool, because we now play with the big boys and the big boys can't play when there are internationals.  It is so frustrating not having played since a week ago last Saturday.

And that my friends is the one reason why I am envious of League 1 ... an envy I hope to have to live with for a long time to come.

Football For A fiver here it comes and Barnsly will not be a moment too soon.


DellaField said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean. It will have been a long two weeks til Saturday. And 5Live spent Saturday at the RUGBY despite telling us it was Non-league day! That said - Be careful what you wish for ...

Anonymous said...

The break may well have done us a favour, as we seemed to have a number of players with (minor) injuries.