Sunday, 26 June 2011

dr Kish and the League One Monster

Laegue One Monster wakes!
Dr Kish's recent article / blog post tickled me as it opened with the line - "The League One monster begins to wake from its hibernationit sent me back 20 or so years when my kids were toddlers and I read them bedtime stories.  My favorite was by Tony Ross and called "I'm coming to get you!"

The story goes :-

"After wreaking havoc on the planets of its own galaxy, a hungry monster sets off in its spaceship for a pretty blue planet called Earth. A little boy called Tommy Brown, who is particularly scared of monsters, is singled out for a visit..."

Now if you know the story you'll understand my analogy with The League One Monster, if you don't and you have kids or grand kids buy the book, its cheap at Amazon, yes Dr Kish, I know you have grandchildren, follow the link!!

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