Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A day to remember

Sparrows Lane was busy today, as Terry Racon was clearing his locker the protracted purchase of Paul Hayes was completed, along with Xabi Alonso's brother and ex Arsenal Youth captain Cedric Evina.

For us Addicks it was an exciting day in SE7.

The loss of Racon is no great loss and goes alongside Rommedahl and Ambrose as players who have failed to live up to their undoubted potential.  Ambrose can be exonerated to an extent as he was played out of position and it was only when he played for Warnock that he actually played the role he was good at.

The next departure is due to be Jose Semedo, another player that I think we have been over hyping.  There are two venues on his menu, Palace or Wednesday, the latter being where apparently he has relatives.

So much for Racon and Semedo's protestations only weeks ago that they loved the club and wanted to spend the rest of their career with the Addicks.  I can only assume that they saw Powell and Slater throwing Jenkinson to the wolves after he refused to sign a new contract and thought better of revealing their hand whilst the vitriol of the crowd could reign down on them before the end of the season.

Apparently from a radio interview we are due another six signings imminently so we should be looking forward to an intersting times leading up to 1st July.


Kings Hill Addick said...

I tell you what Kap, if we sign another six players (and I mean real challenge for the first team players) by 1st July I'll buy a Season Ticket.

Kap said...

Lol,could race you for the front of the queue!!