Thursday, 7 April 2011

The end Is Nigh...

Well in fact it was nigh a few weeks ago, when the club gave up on promotion.  it is bordering on criminal that we are not even in with a shout for a play off place with 6 games still to play for.  We should not be seeing the players setting up their deck chairs.  I'm not blaming, Parkinson or Powell or Slatter or Murray - but I do blame THE CLUB.  With six games to go Orient, Rochdale, Exeter, Bournemouth are all ahead of us in the table - it is scandalous how THE CLUB have let a promising situation turn into disaster.

Half yearly season tickets were sold on the basis of promise and what a waste they were, not taking away any of the pain that full season Season Ticket holders have had to endure.

So thats it for me this season, I'll go to the games - Huddersfield, Rochdale and Hartlepool, but it will be with a heavy heart thinking of what might have been, but as for this blog, I'll do an end of season piece maybe but until then I will concentrate on another blog which I am developing away from football.

See you in May!!!!

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Miss Kish said...

And then roll on next season. You know you can't wait really Kap.