Wednesday, 16 February 2011

He does not walk on water

I went to Keston ponds and saw Chris Powell drive up and park his car, he walked to the edge of the first pond and after looking out thoughtfully for a few minutes he walked forward into the pond after  a few steps the water was up to his ankles and he turned back leaving the pond shaking his head, murmuring "its not true, the fans were wrong - I can't walk on water"!

So we lost, Chris is human, New York Addick is proved to be not so far off the mark with his post Peterborough assessment.  Most of the addickted have been reasonable in their assessment some have gone over the top.

For some CP has gone from being a tactical genius on Saturday to being inept on Tuesday.  
The team have gone from being automatic guaranteed to unlikely play off contenders.

Everything is so instant and for a few the reactions can be so knee jerk.  The critical thing is we learnt somethings at Hartlepool.  And if we learn then we can  develop and build towards promotion.

Changing manger would never be a magical panacea for our ills.  we have a squad that has been under invested in for years.  The players we have are not playing in the third level by accident, its because they may lack talent or consistency or commitment or fitness and with the exception of Bradley Wright Philips, their value reflects this.

So we will have good days and we will have bad days.  Not a lot different from the last manager, not surprisingly after all they are the same players.  

What CP does have is wholesale backing of the board, after our 13 points out of 15, if we go on a run of 2 losses and 3 draws I still expect to see CP at the helm.  He has the crowd with him and it will take a lot at this point of the honeymoon for him to lose them. This has a halo effect as the crowd is now more patient, on the whole, with the players and he has Nathan Ecclestone and Bradley Wright Phillips and the potential of the loan period.

CP has options now which we have not had for a long while and if we do bring in a quality Central Midfielder and Centre hald these will grow and we have plenty of points to play for.  

To me central midfield is the key, we have been over run by many lesser teams in this division this season and if that were to continue for the rest of the season then that will be our down fall.  McCormack isn't quite there, whilst it appears by his absence that Racon has become a great player to some.  Sorry but Racon is failing to do what he needs to do and that is run games, take them by the scruff of the neck.  I thought he could do it, I hope he could do it, but now I just don't believe it and we need some one stronger and more creative, who can feed off the holding and delivery of Semedo and make things happen up front.

13 points out of eighteen is goodf form and now the management need to take the lessons of winning and losing and apply them to Saturday because if we go back to our old ways and perform badly then #footballforafiver will become #footballatthevalleyatnoprice.

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The Exile said...

Spot on regarding the midfield. We are definitely lightweight there at the moment, but more than that, we are desperate for some kind of spark of creativity.