Thursday, 13 January 2011

Conspiracy Theory?

I was firmly of the view that Phil Parkinson was going to go whatever the results, the players and Christian Dailly made it easier for the board to make that change after his first match under the takeover.

Apparently after the game there was heated discussion amongst board members (rumour and speculation), so maybe the departure was brought forward.  One positive (from my point of view, I realise that others feel Parkies departure was a massive positive for the club) was that the new Board had a vision and that they would be decisive and ruthless in executing it there and then. 

That was nearly two weeks ago, still we have no manager, Eddie Howe being the only name that was firmly in the frame and he backed away from South London. 

So if my conspiracy against Parkie theory is true then why was an instant replacement not lined up and why did we suffer the ignominy of a 33 year old novice turning us down, after all we are on the up, unlike Palace who are looking down and going down.

Was the sacking of Parkinson a knee jerk reaction to a poor result, with a a feeble excuse of results not being good enough since an 11 match un beaten run and over a period of postponed games in December.  The implications, if this is the case, are that we are going to be on a roller coaster where the board react to the manager on a match to match basis and increasingly interfere with the team.

I hope that the decision was based up on a plan, which maybe was brought forward and hence the mess we are in, otherwise the financial stability that this anonymous group have brought in will be undermined by short term over reaction to events of each day.


Ketts said...

It begs the question of who wanted to recruit Nathan Eccleston KK.

Daniel said...

Danny says - it's a fair point, but it wasn't too long ago that the new board said Phil was doing a good job and all that. I think the fact that we had one of the lowest crowds of the season and those present were probably the hardcore Charlton fans, they made their feelings known at the end of the game, so may the conspiracy theory lays elsewhere. I think it is a positive move.

Kim Lewis said...

I don't believe in these conspiracy theories. I genuinely believe the new board have the clubs best interests at heart and I only see positive movement so far. Yes, we did try to persuade Howe to join us and he chose a different route, so we move on and the latest candidate is reported to be Chrissy Powell, who would be an extremely popular, but untried option for Charlton, so obviously there is a risk factor should he be appointed. He would certainly give it 110% and the supporters behind him.

This is a whole new beginning for Charlton and so far I salute the Board for what they are trying to achieve.

Parky was muddied with our dealings with Pards, so never really had a chance to bond with supporters and he will move on to better things with another Club and good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kim on this. I think the board's reaction in sacking Parky was the right one; and we can't accuse them of being underhand as they had nothing planned! Not sure about Sir Chrissy though - big gamble, for long term stakes. We would only have the slenderest chances of getting in the play offs.

Pembury Addick