Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wemberlee, wemberlee and days by the sea

Hope over expectation rules as the draw for the Johstone Paint Trophy was made on Soccer A.M.

Away from The Valley by the coast at Southend on a balmy early November evening.

On paper we should be able to get to the regional semi finals and I would expect to be playing Swindon, Bristol Rovers or Exeter City. Given how close we are to Wembley it would be nice to see some momentum behind our efforts and if we get through this round , we go through to the southern semi finals and then take part in a double legged area final and hopefully we get good support at the Valley (but retain cheap tickets).
Another match by the sea that maybe worth noting


Anonymous said...

Try not to get to excited Kap, you know how these things tend to turn out :)

Marco. said...

Just as long as it doesn't become 'Operation Roots' we might stand a chance out in Essex.

Kap said...

I do Daggs, I do!!!

Operation Roots,i wonder how many skateboards we'll take