Monday, 20 September 2010

Parkinson Bromley Excursion On Thursday - Or See Ben Hayes's Cardigan collection

Charltons former supporters director and famed for his cardigans Ben Hayes tells me that this Thursday sees Phil Parkinson make the trek over to Bromley Addicks to meet the fans at Bickley and Widmore working Mens Club, Tylney Road, BR1 2SH.

I have been to Q&A's with Pardew and last year at the Valley with Parkie before and I can tell you a night with Parkie is good fun and he is straight and honest.  Sometimes seen as detrimental, but i would say a real positive, Parkie comes over as a nice guy and for those of us with memories of Curbs in his early days there are many similarities.

You do not have to be a member and there is no entrance fee, Ben may ask you to buy a raffle ticket and the prize is a signed shirt, I believe although do not hold me to it.

There are a lot of questions being asked about the team and players and tactics, I am sure that providing questions are asked in a reasonable and constructive manner Parkie will be as happy to give a straight and honest answer as possible.

The night is good value for money.

Bromely Addicks Face Book site can be accessed at


Anonymous said...

Can someone do me a favour and ask him ( or tell him) that we won't get anywhere until we have a decent central midfield player who is creative.
The defence is OK , the wingers are OK , I dare say the strikers are OK , the defensive midfielders are OK
but Racon is basically useless and a liability rolled into one and he IS the only one who can play there .
Surely somebody can loan us a decent player who can switch play , beat a man and make intelligent forward passes , football isn't that complicated is it !!!

Kap said...

Anonymous,it would be nice if you left your name or even attended on Thursday. I am sure there are plenty that have the same questions who will be there on Thursday