Wednesday, 23 June 2010

5 Things I like about this world cup

1. The South Africans
I love the South African team in the tunnel before their games singing and dancing and their routines during the warm up. Remind me of Fish and Bartletts influence on Charltons warm up routines. Shame they are now out.

2. The Vuvuzelas
I know its like a swarm of bees throughout the game but its Africa and its their World Cup yes they have invited us into their country and hosted us so it would be rude to be offended by it.

Also, when i was a kid there used to be motor racing at Crystal Palace and from my garden you could hear the cars and for the whole of the sunday it sounded like the Vuvuzelas so they are very nostalgic for me.

having said that some twat was blowing one down my road and frankly I could have stuck it where the sun don't shine.

3. South Africa
The backdrop to the stadiums have been fantastic. One day I will visit South Africa and enjoy it for real.

4. I hate myself for this, but
Maradonna on the touchline, yes he looks like a columbian drug dealer or pimp and we hate him for being a druggy and a cheat, but his enthusiasm and sheer joy are infectious and I find myself watching him and laughing to myself at him. I just hope soon I can laugh at his tears as Argeentina make a messi exit.

5. Capello
I don't believe that any of the top 15 footballing nations should be allowed to have a non national as manager, that said watching capello has been superb, so much passion and gesticulation, the handling of Terrygate and still keeping the players on target for qualification, he has been brilliant and when you look back at the wally with the brolly, Sven,Keegan and Hoddle. Suddenly you realise why the FA are paying so much for the guy.

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