Friday, 21 May 2010

Money coming our way?

Thanks to AFKABartram of Charlton Life for pointing out our interest in tomorrows Championship Play Off Final, also known as the richest game in football, as the winner gets a guaranteed return of £90 million. Oh how we could do with a share of that !

And we can, not much of it granted, 1.11111% to be precise. But like every silver lining this £250,000 lining comes at a cost and that cost is the winning of promotion to the Premier League by non other than the Millwall of Wales, Cardiff City. The only thing positive to ever come form Cardiff as far as I can remember is John Toshack, yes the fat bloke with the welsh national squad, used to be a Liverpool player, making a deadly duo with Keegan. We sold a player to Cardiff and cleverly (was it Mr Waggott) inserted a promotion clause.

So tomorrow, we forsake £250,000 and support the bright lights of Blackpool and the jocular Ollie or we go with our wallet and support Cardiff. Forgetting about the money of course, I will support Cardiff, because ... well The Premier League deserve their fans!!!!!!

Oh, the player by the way, was our esteemed former captain who gave up the ghost long before we were relegated Mark Hudson.

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