Friday, 5 March 2010

Live, love, laugh and be happy.

Because you never know what’s around the corner. The news of someone I had never heard of in football had died suddenly this week. Keith Alexander aged 53, an age I will hit in a few days passed away, Manager of Macclesfield one time journeyman footballer. There is a lovely obituary written by NY Addick. From what I understand of Mr Alexander he was a true fans footballer, not a fancy dan earning millions a year and a nice guy, it is sad to lose someone who to all intense and purposes is young.

Recently a friend of my sisters, who by association was a friend of mine, a guy who was a young 63 year old, fit and healthy, who I saw on January 2nd, looking fit and well, about 5 weeks ago was diagnosed with CJD, he was a Bristol Rovers fan but had been to the Valley a few times, the last being this seasons Rovers game, he passed away two weeks ago. Dr Kish had got me a program for him from the Rovers away game, sadly I only got it to him the day before he passed away. RIP Julian Bailey.

Its not more important than life and death Bill, but it does create a spirit of community, a theme I will return to later.

So Live, love laugh and be happy

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Ketts said...

Sad story KK, time like an ever rolling stream as thet say.

It struck a chord with me too, I will be 63 next month.

R.I.P Julian.