Friday, 12 March 2010

For Passion, for glory, for promotion, for Charlton and most of all for the fans

Curbs down played derby's they were the fans matches, not to do with the team, the players. As we approach Millwall on Saturday, I am hoping that Parkie has a different perspective on this derby, I hope that Parkie uses the emotion of the fans to motivate his players, I hope that Parkie motivates his players to show passion, passion beyond any passioin they have shown in the last 5 years.

Tomorow I want Parkie to line up the players at Sparrow Lane and pull out Robbie Elliot and get Robbie to tell the players what it means to a Charlton fan to beat Millwall, I want Parkie to pull out Sam and get him to tell the players why we should beat Millwall at the New Den, I want Scot Wagstaff to tell the players why they have to do it f0r the fans.

Pre match, Parkie can do the pre match tactics and game plan but lets see a true Charlton do the team talk , lets get Gritty in, lets fire the players up, lets get Keithy in. There will be so much passion on the "terraces", lets make sure that the players match this on the field, lets see ours win the 40-60's, if players are going to be upended then let those players be the home players.

On Saturday the team must play for promotion, for charlton, for the fans for Prince Harry* and for Charlton!

*Not quite sure what he is doing here!!

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StoneMuse said...

Brilliant ... and I have always loved that Henry V speech.