Sunday, 16 August 2009

Takeover scuppering success???

It has been a good start to the season, two league wins where performance outstripped the scorelines. The only blots have been the loss to Hereford and the continued uncertainty over the takeover.
The former can be seen as the result of the latter. To an extent the defeat on Tuesday was down to poor finishing, but it also exposed the lack of strength in depth.
We have continual uncertainty over the make up of the squad, our defence is strong today, but the frontline first choice players are becoming the walking wounded and we are only in the third week of the season. If Richardson gets injured can we expect young Solly to fill in for an extended period, who will fill in if either of the central defenders get injured (As Llera is with his opening head wound) – Semedo – Youga.
Will Gray stay or will he go, will Dickson force a move to Gillingham.
There are only two weeks till the end of the transfer window, although there is then the loan window.
There is a real danger that the continued protracted takeover talks will scupper our promotion hopes as we are unable to build the depth to our squad that we need to sustain the push in a competitive league where games come fast. Tuesday see’s a trip to Orient and then Saturday Wallsall.
So far we have played two league games unchanged, it is unlikely that we will be able to keep this up, so we need players in to ensure we are able to keep up performances and our challenge, it appears the only way we are going to do this is if the takeover completes and we need it to happen now!


Samuel Drum said...

while i agree with this we need a bit more cover in defense. Playing too many different players last season was definitley our downfall

Kappacino Kid said...

Don't disagree,priority this year must be for a settled team and the maintenance of balance both of which have been missing for the last three seasons with the conveyor belt of incoming and outgoing players. However, we cannot expect to maintain the same 1st choice throughout the season and we need to have capablke deputies as we take on board injuries and suspension. I believe the takeover negotiations are preventing this and it willbe to our detriment if something is not done soon.

sa said...