Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Takeover is happening?

There was a time that when you read news in the paper that you might suspect that the source of the information might give it credibility and add to any information you may already have. But nowadays the definition of an investigative journalist is someone with a computer surfing the net. So today the press are full of stories about our impending takeover, but the stories only reflect what has been stated on the OS and the rumours that have developed over then last few months on the message boards. Lets be clear, the stories today are based upon the cancellation of the Q&A session, due to legal advice. The implication is that the club is in some stage of takeover. The recent SLP article, interviewing Murray implies that it is an imminent takeover, done and dusted in two days (today is day 2) and formally completed in two weeks. That said we have spent a whole summer close season looking at the next two weeks and nothing happened. Lets not forget that Southampton were done and dusted with Le Tiss at the top until the last minute and then it all fell apart. Although, the 10 point deduction issue made the Southampton situation that bit more difficult.

Having said all of that Murray's enforced silence says more than any of the silence during the close season could have said. There is many a slip between cup and lip, you only have to see my shirts to realise that, but hopefully unlike the Zabeel deal we will have some new investors in the club who will steady the ship and at least give us the foundations for an enjoyable season from 8th August.

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