Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Long and winding road

to the next season continues. In recent years a group of us who meet in the Rose of Denmark have met in The George in London Bridge for what has become known as the Summer meet. This has been going on for 10 years. Every year the discussion surrounds Charlton, understandably and there is a mix of views on the performances and how the club is being run ... except this year. This year unanimously everybody felt Charlton was a shambles and that next season will only be exciting for the visit and visiting of grounds and clubs we have not seen before.

It appears that the takeover is alive, although I am unsure if well is the appropriate descriptor to go with that. Following Mick Collins recent article in The Mail, we have all been waiting for news of its demise, however Charlton Life have been advised by Derek Chapple that the club remain under legal advisement that nothing can be said at this time. The implication being clear that they negotiaitions are continuing. A statement regarding the article by Mick from the Club is in preparation, but is held back due to the same restrictions, however the debt level it appears is exagerated, according to the club so we will continue to wait and see.

In the meantime we have completed our European tour of Ireland with a 100% win record and no goals conceded ... bring on the mighty Wycombe!!!!


Ketts said...

Do you think it was after legal advice that the club did not name the trialists on Sunday?

They seem to have been less reticent about naming last night's mystery man & are now happy to reveal Sunday's mystery men.

The curious world of CAFC.

Kappacino Kid said...

Its not unusual for clubs to not wish to divulge the names of triallists, protecting themselves from other potential interested parties. that said the two we have had playing for us are hardly likely to cause a rush of clubs trying to sign them. Maybe its just part of the overall club campaign of teasing us with little (new shirt) or no (everything else) information. or maybe the lawyers felt it would be a tacit admission of how bankrupt we are!!