Friday, 3 July 2009

Comings and goings and rumours

Ambrose and Hudson have both departed the Valley this week, Ambrose is making the opposite journey to Dowie, so has moved from oop north to the southern reaches of Norwood and into the clutches of Palace manager Neil Warnock. Ambrose was to the Championship for Charlton, what Rommedahl was to the Premier League, an unfulfilled enigma. I wish him well, because despite the views of others, I do think he always tried, he just did not look like it, but maybe after he has left Palace.

Hudson, who made the Dowie journey last season to join us as Captain has ended what he has described as a nightmare to leave our English shores and turn up in Cardiff. Not a lot of positives for his year here, he promised much but finding himself in a malaise of mediocrotiy instead of raising the team, as captain, he settled for the depths of demotivation and dissilusionment.

We have added to our ranks Llerra a Spanish Central Defender from MK Dons. By all accounts he was poor whenn he first joined them last season but improved towards the end of the season, so it will be interesting to see how he performs. He does currently hold the accolade of only fit central defender. Last season started with only two central defenders, so this season we are going to emulate this by having two, but one being crocked, well that assumes that Johnathan Fortune signs a new contract.

We are waiting on three players to sign new contracts:-

ZZ = rumours are he may have work permim problems if he leaves us, that can be the only reason I can imagine him considering a year in the third division.
Johnathan Fortune, a player whilst injured, is also not that ambitious. At a fans forum last season, after JF had turned down a move to Stoke a club offoicail advised that some players are just happy to be content with their current situation.

And Matty Holland. Rumours have it that he is currently training with Colchester.

I would expect some player movement next week, as contract negiotiations conclude and we start to fill some of the gaps like central defence. There is also a guarantee that an annoucemnet will be made about the takeover (I have a reliable source who knows Richard Murrays cat).

Murray and Chappel are at a fans evening on Thursday and probably for the 1st time Murray will be facing a hostile audience, incensed by the lack of information and the continued employment of Parkinson. As I have said before if the club have appointed Parkinson and it appears they have then they should come out positively and support him.


sillav nitram said...

you know i'm getting really tired of people who say they have reliable sources, even if joking, about this takeover lark.

as a fan desperate for some good news about a much needed change in the boardroom, all these so called rumours and sources, just make matters worse, when time just drifts by with nothing forthcoming? if you seriously have some inside knowledge, then great, but don't just say stuff simply to stir the already melting pot!

Kappacino Kid said...

Don't blame me,if the board were more forthcoming with information then no one would have to make it! presumably with Murray and Chapple making it to a meeting of fans next week there will be some news, even if the news is no comment, nothing else in this posting is made up. Otherwise chillout man!!

Anonymous said...