Saturday, 2 May 2009

Its over

A year ago after the season had ended, I looked back at a dissapointing season, but looked forward to a new season of challenging for a place in a new division. I was not dissapointed as Pardew sought to achieve our objective with great gusto. Actually, I lie - I am well peed off. But at the end of last season I was sad,because I had just seen my / our legend Chris Powell come on and score from midfield in his final game (Until maybe next season) for the Addicks, but I also had optimism, we had beaten Coventry scoring 4 goals and we finally had a scoring partnership with Grey and Varney showing an understanding.

So what ever happens tomorrow, its not an indication of things to come. The close season is going to be so exciting, I suspect my insomnia will be cured. Will we be taken over - who is it going to be The Varney consortium, are we going to have Middle East oil magnates in the board room , Indian steel barons or are we gonna be searching to rub two farthings togther just to keep going.

We will see wholesale changes in the playing staff ... not since ..... well, last close season have we seen so many players leave and new ones come in, but apart from that we have not seen such wholesale changes in playing staff since .... well, the close season before. Roll on 31st August when we'll know whom we have and who we have not.

On the bright side even if we lose our 1st three games next season we can rest assurred that we won't be bottom, thanks to the financial incompetence of Stockport and and Southampton. Financial incompetence, something that our directors will never be accussed of. Ok that was a cheap shot and murray and co have done wonders to keep us in the not too red, at significant financial cost to themselves.

Its over tomorrow, for the players,the management, the directors and the fans lets hope you all have a good summer. For those that will be back here next season lets hope for a good final position, some good football at the Valley and some enjoyment. Next Sunday I am off to Wembley for the FA Vase Final between Glossop North End and Whitley Bay.

STOP PRESS: Just read this about Stockport - damn - The deduction has been made so we don't have a head start on them next season. They do still have to comply with League regulations over the summer, so there is still a chance.

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