Saturday, 7 February 2009

News From The Valley

The nation received an apology from a Charlton director this week, unfortunately for us it was to the nation by Michael Grade. How unlucky can ITV have been, 119 minutes of boring football,1 minute of excitement and it was during this minute that ITV's automatic advert player kicked in. Anyway its nice to know that Charlton directors have not lost the art of apology.

So no game today, I have no doubt that Andy D'Urso has correctly cancelled the game, but looking out at my SE London garden at 7.00 this morning and only a few miles up the road I do wonder if the decision is premature. No freezing temperatrure in SE23 today.

Its six years since we last postponed at the Valley and I suspect if we had still been Premier League we would have the resources to have the game on, as it is there are no helicopters or whales, we just can't afford them. Of course there is the conspiracy theory, a team out of form, only one fit central defender,new players in needing time to gel - the weather - a god send! OK far fetched . . . . . maybe!