Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Yes We Can

I am a Charlton optimist, a believer and you have to be to be a Charlton fan, if we were facing relegation I have always thought we would get out of it, if we were mid table in the second tier I have always thought we were in with a shout for the play offs, mid table of the Premier and we were in with a shout for champions league, on a run of defeats – the next point was just around the corner.

So the last two and a half season have been just another round in the life of a traditional Charlton supporter. If you include Curbs we are on our 5th manager – almost our 6th– we have gone two and a half seasons of relegation form and half a season of scrappy promotion form. We’ve seen countless quality players leave to be replaced with outstanding potentials only for them to leave or off loaded at half the cost, as poor and useless. We have lost investors who were to take us to the heights of top 10 premier league football – now we are being blamed for Paul Inces sacking at Blackburn, the clubs morale is rock bottom from the board room, through the management, the players and the fans. Rumours are that he board are split and who could blame them if there were splits, adversity can create unity but it can also creates blame cultures, splits and divisions.

But I am a Charlton fan, I am a believer, if the last 36 months have been awful (understatement) then the next 12 will be glorious, the sell out crowd for our last home match of the season as we secure 2nd tier survival, will be the foundation of our glorious push for promotion in the 2009 – 2010 season.

Escape relegation - in the words of Barack Obama, President elect and the harbinger of good times ahead - Yes We Can! Yes we can!

Call me an optimist, call me a fool or just call me an Addick – Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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Pedro45 said...

Merry Xmas KK - keep believing!