Sunday, 23 November 2008

After the darkness, comes the Parkie

Following on from the Barnsley game when I won the score prediction (1-3) at the Rose of Denmark, I was in discussion pre-match with Deepest Darkest about the next 90 minutes entertainment and proposed that if we did not win then a 5-1 defeat was highly acceptable and then maybe we would see the board act against Pardew and at a 5-2 defeat, I have to say, I did not do bad.

After the darkness comes the dawn, I won’t dwell on Pardews departure, nor yesterdays result, that will be covered by better scribes that I. But what next?

Phil Parkinson has taken over the reigns for now. He is in an ideal position from the Boards perspective, he has managerial experience, he took Colchester into the Championship and he is already contracted to the club, if a new man were to come in then there is a likelihood that Parkinson would be disposed of. Two weeks ago, Richard Murray said that the club did not have the money to get rid of Pardew, they obviously checked down the back of the sofa’s and scrapped a few barrels but can they pay off Parkie as well, baring in mind that two seasons ago we gave him a new contract to prevent him to take up the role of manager at Huddersfield. So if he has ideas that Pards would not implement, wanted to change tactics but was not allowed then I would like to see Parkie given a chance, with Kins as his number 2 and maybe Morts in as reserve team coach (After all this season he has got used to dealing with a load of girls). If he agreed with everything Pards said and cannot believe that Pards has gone, feels that it was the fans, the board and the players fault then Parkie needs to join Pards at the job centre sooner rather than later.

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