Thursday, 30 October 2008

If Championship diary say's it ...

Then Pards should be worried. Not prone to negative comments or attacking the Club, Championship Diary Blogster has suggested that maybe we would be better off with a Parkinson / Kinsella combo.

The turning of the tide against Pardew is becoming strong and soon, if he does not turn things around quickly there will be a positive Tsunami looking for his dissmissal and sod the cost.

Pards came to Charlton as a saviour, seeing out the dark days of Dowie and the confusion of Reed. His credentials were good, promotion with both Reading and West Ham and a cup winning manager, but for the final four minutes and a Gerrard strike at Cardiff. While it took Curbs 15 years to have the crowd stand and chant his name, Pards was being hailed before he joined and during the end of the season, despite ultimately failing in retaining Premiership status he showed enough for the Addickted to look forward to the season in the Championship. One wonders where it has all gone wrong.

Pards is a good front man, he says the right things, looks dapper and on the touch line and shows passion and enthusiasm - well he did when he started. His record speaks for itself, but his record seems to be counterfeit when you look at his performance since our Championship days commenced (and the Addicks Premiership diary was put into moth balls). If Ranieri was the Premierships tinker man then pards must be competing for that title within the Championship. His team selections seem baffling, dropping Gray because he was tired after scoring at Doncaster, Josh Wright dropped and out of the squad after a reasonable performance against Burnley, Moutakill and Semedo in and out of the team for little apparent reason, Varney consistently in the side as a forward when he has being doing impressions of Matty Svensson with his banjo and cows back side. he approaches tactics as a game of musical chairs, each tactical change requiring a wholesale shift of personnel as oppossed to a simple formation change. Some managers manage through motivation e.g. keegan and others through tactical nous, Pards is the former, but unfortuantely as a motivator, you have to motivate consistenly week in week out and for 90 minutes and pards seems to have lost this skill. That said he has been in this situation before with west Ham and pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

I would love to see Pards do well, our board are too decent to sack him and then force him to take them to tribunal, so I expect him to be around for a while longer, but unless results improve the atmosphere at the Valley will become more and more poisonous, directed at the manager but affecting the team, ideally the results will get better - I am not sure what he means we are a team in recovery! But if not then I am afraid he should emulate the Charlton badge, hold the handle of a sword in his fist, and fall on it, for the sake of the club and for the sake of his reputation.