Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Crisis, what crisis

I am sure that Pardew would respond to the accusation that Charlton are in crisis with the the above comment. Will he be able to say the same if we drop another 3 points on Saturday. To put the situation in context we are only a couple of wins away from the play off zone,but conversely we are only a few points off the relegation zone.

What is clear though is that we have, across the two seasons, only picked up 19 points out of the last 60 and this has to be seen as relegation form. Our recent results do not add much sunshine to our outlook, since Reading we have played 6 matches, won 1, drawn 1 and lost 4, scored 4 and conceded 8.

Ipswich is a crucial game and the pressure on the players will be enormous an early goal will be crucial but not a guarantee of victory as Preston, Wolves and Sheffield Wednesday has proved.

If the pressure on the players has grown then following the loss to palace, the first in 12 years, the pressure on Pardew is enormous. The pro Pardew fans cite the boards ruthless budgetary constraints, his detractors point to a team that still contains former premier league talent as well as strong and experienced Championship players i.e. Hudson, Fortune (Stoke) Gray (Voted 2nd best Championship player.

Ipswich offer flair and creativity,Lisbie will be back, the player who left us to score 3 goals against us last season and celebrated with aplomb. The saving grace is that they are equally inconsistent and this weekend they will hopefully will show their negative side.

Personally I think we are only one win away from a good side, but equally with confidence visibly draining we are not far from a bad side. We have to turn things round. Momentum is everything in football, maybe in life. As the fans begin to mumble amongst themselves a momentum builds. At the moment Pardew probably can reverse the direction of feelings amongst supporters, but it won't last and without results the fans will turn and once that happens there will be no turning back. Saturday can do a lot of good or it can become the crisis we all so fear.

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Second Division And Proud said...

I agree with the view that the squad is there (on paper - you know the rest of the joke) - we've got some bloody good payers and some supposedly good players - for this level - they need moulding into a (consistent) team and motivang etc

ps - don't see a paulo option in your vote - viva la revolution!!!