Sunday, 31 August 2008

Girls, girls girls

Two years ago Charlton had one of the top teams in English Womens Football, but relegation of the mens team hit the womens team badly. Whilst Womens Football has developed nationally we have gone back. The announced disbanding of the womens section of Charlton Athletic was met by fairly universal condemnation, resulting in the club working with its community section to resurrect the team. Sadly reduced funding and the departure of most of the team resulted in relegation from the National League to the Southern Division.

So now the season has started and the team have two games under their designer belts, won 1 lost 1. Paul Mortimer - living Charlton Midfield legend continues to manage them and the prospective season is looked at optimistically, as ever with a Charlton relegated team.

What of the clubs support of the women's team two years on (and lets face it if we had known then what we know today about the clubs finances then not many of us would have kept the feminine branch of our soccer club). Its unlikely we will see them playing at the Valley again as we did a few times in times gone past. No longer does the official site have details of their season long fixture list either there or on the community website. Player profiles are gone.

There are many club fans who either could not give a fig about womens football .. at best or feel that women playing football should get back to the ironing. However, if we are going to have a team we should be proud of them and support them and the club should do the same, promoting the womens team by prominently displaying fixtures and match reports on the OS, in the same way that they promote the reseves and youth teams, otherwise why have the team at all?

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PerfectMomentProject said...

Hey, happy first day of American football.

You may be interested in this video with high school age girls at an NFL camp! And I had my day in the neighborhood too!

I’m no Brett Favre, but today’s my day too… … this is my day too!

Girls rule!