Friday, 10 August 2007

TV Coverage of Tomorrow

No point waiting for Match of the day tomorrow night, we don't even get the customary 30 seconds and patronizing comments from Lineker and his fellow muppets. Nope you can venture out, stay in the pub, overnight and celebrate our glorious - hopefully - return to the Championship. So tune in to ITV 1 on Sunday morning at 10.00 am, or if you are likely to be celebrating then set sky plus / DVD recorder / Video and watch extended highlights of the Scunthorpe game.

I missed it myself, but there is also a Football League review on Saturday at 08.30 am and then a weekend round up on Monday at 18.00 on Sky.

By the way, Just noticed that Jimmy Hill's Sunday Supplement is now just the Sunday Supplement, so either they have retired the old boy or they are just preparing for when he goes to meet the great soccer star in the sky.

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