Friday, 3 August 2007

Fickle emotions

Its funny how fickle our emotions can be. Less than a week ago, after we tonked Gillingham 5-0, I was up for automatic promotion, if not Champions, today I have been waiting to hear about one of our two new signings, but all I have heard is that Diawara, the most expensive centre half nobody has ever heard of, has agreed terms with Bordeaux.

Suddenly I am questioning whether we will make the play offs. What's happened to the golden boy, is his injury really a three week thing and he'll be in contention for Stoke or is it like Beckhams ankle and stretches back weeks. As the season approaches, apart from the mood swings, optimism to down right pessimism, the butterflies in my stomach are getting more lively, the next stage will probably be loss of appetite (not a bad thing). I can't wait till tomorrow against Braga, just to get a feel of the team,but the big one will be next week against Scunny.
My mood at the moment is deep pessimism where are all the premier loans that were due to come our way. Its alright to pick up hopefuls and 0ld pro's but we need some men of the moment so I hope Murray has a few shillings set aside for a January purchases, cause I think we may need them.

Look out tomorrow to the Addicks Championship Diary for the best blog match report.


Wyn Grant said...

Report tomorrow? I am in the Azores and Paul is at a wedding. Wyn

Kappacino Kid said...

Maybe not then

Anonymous said...

This is the first things that comes up when you google "fickle emotions". I find that entertaining, if not terribly tragic.

Kappacino Kid said...

ha, ha yes does show a level of sadness in my camp!