Friday, 13 July 2007

Its Regs Son

Its no great surprise that Reg's son and Todorov won the vote to lead the line in the up and coming season, followed by Iwulemo who impressed down at Tooting the other day. The antipathy for Marcus means that most of the addicted would prefer James Walker to lead the line than Marcus, the former picking up 6 votes and the latter only 2.

We have to remember that Varney is unproven at this level and as such is a risk, as fans we should not be putting too much pressure on his shoulders. Bents perfromance at Tooting was reported as much more positive than we have seen, so maybe Pards and he have come to an agreement or he is playing for his transfer, or Tooting were so rubbish it was impossible not to shine.

After the midweek friendlies, Pards indicated that Todorov needed to sharpen up and hopefully the coaching staff can work on that, after all it was only the opening game.

Still waiting on todays result from the behind closed doors game against a Chelsea XI, not currently in the USA.

With 151 votes cast Luke Varney polled 60, Todorov 52, Iwulemo 33, Walker 6 and Bent 2.

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